Should you drink during a Marathon?

Nearly anybody who has competed in or trained for a marathon has probably encountered a peculiar and terrifying feeling. Twenty miles into the race, you are feeling great, and it feels as if you are destined to hit your goal time. Then all of a sudden something goes terribly wrong. With the drop of a hat, suddenly it feels as if your muscles are no longer functional, your thoughts become blurry, and the mere process of finishing the race seems like an insurmountable task. This feeling, commonly known as “bonking” in the running world, is actually a well understood physiological phenomenon, and fortunately, it is preventable too.

What actually happens?

Glycogen to run about 20 miles

So what is the solution to this? Is it simply a matter of training more?

It is essential to consume calories during the race

What is the best way to consume these calories?

A common mistake in fueling during a marathon is waiting until it is too late.

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